4/23 – The Backyard Party

We had a successful fundraiser on April 16th . Not only did we raise a decent sum of money $17,500 (after expenses), but people from many different segments of the community participated. We had 15 restaurants donate food or liquor, 37 people host gatherings, 29 sponsors donated money, 27 volunteers helped and at least 152 people bought tickets. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

5/23 – Artfest at Jane’s

On May 25th, 2023, the NSB Art Community from Artists Workshop, The Hub on Canal, and Janes Art Center rose to the occasion to help families displaced in 2023 by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

With pooled efforts, they donated their artistic creations to Smyrna Cares to help those families get back into their homes. Over 70 pieces were sold at this fabulous event held at Jane’s Art Center with proceeds going to our local hurricane victims.

10/23 – Riverpark Terrace Event

Thank you to all the artists from the Hub, Jane’s, and the Artist workshop for contributing their favorite pieces to the Artfest Event Smyrna Cares co-hosted with with Habitat for Humanity at Riverpark Terrace on October 2nd, 2023. Funds raised contributed to Hurricane Disaster Relief.

11/23 – Barclay Home Event

Many thanks to Nancy and Will Barclay for hosting a Smyrna Cares Introduction Presentation and Concert at their home on November 3rd. Additional thanks (and applause!!!) to Musician, James Hall who delighted all those who came with his contagiously toe-tappingly jazzy sets.

James Hall – Jazz Musician


12/23 – The Crimson House

A wonderful time was had by all at the Crimson House on December. 13th. The place was packed, the music great, and our volunteer bartenders and servers rocked. Thank you Linda for inviting Smyrna Cares to your lovely property and thank everyone who donated to help our neighbors through this holiday season.